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About Us

OBAK began with an integrated approach to interior design by incorporating function, style and technology to create luxurious spaces that are practical and aesthetically remarkable.

Our Mission

Positively influence the lives of all customers with whom we have the pleasure of working and leave a lasting impression on their minds and imagination

Our Vision

To be a quality driven turnkey services business for both interiors Designs and Execution in cooperate with local role-player developers

Our Value

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Our Services

At OBAK, our Residential Interior Design process is tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations for your home. We believe in creating spaces that reflect your personality, lifestyle, and tastes, while also ensuring functionality and comfort.


Residential Interior Design

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OBAK has flourished into a thriving and dynamic interior commercial design firm. Our success is rooted in the unwavering dedication and expertise of our talented engineers. We collaborate closely with clients—from conceptualization to project completion—delivering nothing short of excellence.


Interior Commercial Design

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OBAK approaches outdoor spaces like an artist with a blank canvas, using talent, rhythmic colors, and elegant lines to create a unique masterpiece. Our process begins by listening to your desires and needs, while also attuning ourselves to the voice of your outdoor environment—after all, it’s a living, breathing space with something to say now that you’re connected.

Landscape Design

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OBAK’s approach to furniture design transcends mere decoration—it’s an art form that intertwines aesthetics, comfort, and soulful impact. We recognize how comfort profoundly affects the human spirit, especially after demanding days. The fusion of comfort and beauty breathes life into spaces, inspiring us to innovate and share our message with the world.

Furniture Design

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Our company offers a variety of office finishes, from classic to modern, designed to strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. With over 10 years of experience in administrative office renovations, our skilled team ensures exceptional quality, affordability, and timely project completion, especially for large-scale endeavors.


Offices Finishing

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OBAK General Contracting, Decoration and Finishing Company specializes in overseeing and executing architectural and design projects. We provide a complete suite of services to ensure your project meets the highest quality standards. Our highly trained and experienced team has a proven track record of exceeding customer expectations.

Architecture Design

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